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PRISM Laboratory (Proteomic, Inflammatory Response, Mass Spectrometry), U1192 Inserm is a unique worldwide laboratory creating and developing novel technologies, new fundamental biological concepts, new diagnostic tools and novel treatments, all turned for personalized medicine in oncology and neurology.

PRISM is based on a state-of-the art og molecular imaging and multi-OMICs that brings together powerful integrated technologies to give deep analyses for clinics biomarkers diagnosis and prognosis hunting. The mission of PRISM is to better understand the physiopathology in oncology and neurology and discover new mechanisms to treat them. To acgievethis goal PRISM developed an interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approach involving physic instrumentation, surface and analytical Chemistry, cellular and molecular biology and clinics. PRISM is structured around two main pillars i.e. one devoted to Technological Innovations and the second to Therapeutic Innovations.

PRIMS is associated to the Department of Surgery and Cancer of Imperial College London (ICL) as a European Associated Laboratory (named Lancet).

PRISM has integrated a private company, Oncovet Clinical Research A mixed private/public team has emerged as O’DREAMS (Oncological Driven associated Mass Spectrometry) team. O’DREAMS is financially supported by the Regional Council of Hauts-de-France and EU through a FEDER funding.

PRISM also includes a service platform, CLIC-Imaging, based on competences derived from basic science research of the lab. Most of the services are dedicated to demands from industry, although academics can also use the platform. Clic-imaging offers service in OMICS, Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI). 3D Cell OMICs offers service in organoids with 3D cell culture of mixed spheroids with immune cells or explants for drug efficiency tests; and exosome studies such as for development of therapeutic agents or for diagnosis.


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