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Valorization of Research


Since the last 5 years, great effort in research valorization has been made at PRISM.

10 patents based on both technological developments but also on biological researches have been delivered and some of them licensed to companies. Two start-up have emerged from PRISM namely IMABIOTECH and HIRUPHARM.

A novel platform for clinical-chemistry imaging, CLIC-IMAGING has been created in 2013 in the laboratory.

We were laureate for IMABIOTECH in 2008 of the OSEO competition for Start-Up Emergence and in 2010 of the OSEO Competition for Start-Up Creation.

Valorization activites at PRISM were recognized in 2010 by recipiency of the Innovation Price of INPI for Nord-Pas de Calais Region.

HIRUPHARM is currently under incubation in the laboratory and is supported in its creation process by Cre’Inov innovation Hub
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