2014 - Award for the work on Open Reading Frame (ORF) and the Prediction of New Alternative Proteins Bank
PRISM in collaboration with the group of Prof. Xavier Roucou (University Sherbrooke, Canada) has worked on the creation of a bank of new alternative proteins. By changing Open Reading Frames (ORF) new Alternative Proteins can be predicted. This study opens the box of an Alternative Proteome (or Hidden Proteome).

They used this New Alternative Proteome Bank from their Proteomics Data and were able to show that Unmatched Proteins remaining from databank interrogation with the conventional banks could be now attributed.
They were able to show from the data acquired by PRISM on Ovarian Cancer (OVC) that one of these new alternative proteins was a regulator of BRCA1.

For these work they have been awarded the Price for the Year 2013 Discovery by Québec Science

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