We are delighted to announce the recent highlight of the work of our colleagues in the Inserm journal. Their research article presents significant advancements in the field of Glioblastoma and spatially resolved proteomics.

The study, titled "Spatial analysis of the glioblastoma proteome reveals specific molecular signatures and markers of survival", publish in Nature Communication.
Through innovative methodologies and in-depth analyses, our colleague has uncovered new perspectives and promising results.
The publication of this article in the Inserm journal attests to the recognition of the quality of their work and its relevance in the research field. This contribution enriches the existing knowledge base and generates increasing interest within the scientific community.
Congratulation to our colleague (Marie Duhamel, Isabelle Fournier et Michel Salzet) on this exceptional achievement and look forward to the impact and future developments of their work.
We invite you to read the full article in the Inserm journal to learn more about the findings of this captivating study : 
Find the full Inserm activity report and the Scientific advances 2022 in the website of Inserm, you can find the highlight article in P7
and the original research publication in nature communication doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-34208-6


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