PRISM U1192 Inserm proudly presented its achievements and future projects to the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) during an engaging and fruitful session. The day was filled with productive discussions and promising insights into the laboratory's endeavors for the next five years.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to esteemed members of the SAB, including Pr. JP Borg (CRM, Marseille), Pr. C. Jimenez (VUmc, Amsterdam), Pr. S. Hauck (Helmotz Center, Munich), Pr. S. Slavoff (Yale University), Pr. G. Eppe (University of Liege), Pr. H. Boeing (Goethe University), and Pr. Y. Tsybin (Spectroswiss, EPFL, Lausanne), for their invaluable contributions and insightful feedback.

Stay tuned for more updates on PRISM U1192's groundbreaking research and impactful initiatives!